Custom Hand Engraving

Engraving can be done a variety of surfaces such as glass, stone, selected metals, agate etc. The calligraphy and design of your custom message is hand carved using a micro-drill and filled with metallic wax to finish the look. The result is momentous, permanent and luxurious – something that you or your recipient can not only enjoy in the moment, but also for years to come as a beautiful display & keepsake. This service is perfect for those who love a one-of-a-kind and personalized handmade gift.

*Service is available for corporate on-site events and personal projects (subject to minimum order quantity).

Engraving Ideas

The most ideal surfaces for engraving are glass, stone and certain metals, in order of preference. Some examples of popular items include:

Wine and Liquor Bottles

Glassware (E.g. Champagne Flutes, Wine Glasses)

Fragrance Bottles

Glass Candle Jars

Skincare Bottles

Cosmetic Containers

Tiles (E.g. Granite, Marble)

Stainless Steel Containers & Bottles


*Etching is only available on glass products.

**Service is only available for personal projects (subject to minimum order quantity).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is engraving? What does your process look like?

Hand engraving is the process of cutting/carving a design onto a solid surface (most popularly, glass) by hand, without the use of a laser.

The first thing I do upon receiving your custom message or illustration request is to create a draft of the design and determine how to best integrate it with the product to be engraved. This step is important as it sets the tone for the remainder of the project, and ensures that the end product is well balanced based on its shape, colours, and any other existing decorations (e.g. labels). The calligraphy or illustration of your choice is then carefully engraved free-hand using a hand-held micros motor drill. This handy tool allows me to work freely within my own home studio as well as on-site, with no need for an outlet.

After the engraving is completed, the design can be filled with various metallic wax finishes. The 5 colours I have available include: Antique Gold, Grecian Gold, Autumn Gold, Spanish Copper and Silver Leaf. Metallic wax finishes are only ideal for display products, and not on glassware that will be heavily used and washed.

What's the difference between engraving and etching?

The main difference between engraving and etching is that engraving is a physical process of drilling or carving your design on the product surface, while etching is a chemical process that uses acid to eat away areas of glass that will ultimately leave a white matte finish in the area of your design. And while engraving is available on a variety of surfaces, etching can only be done on glass products.

Still not sure which one to choose? No worries, send me an inquiry with your project ideas, and I'm happy to advise the best course of action.

Does engraving require a very loud and obtrusive equipment?

The micro motor drill is extremely portable and user-friendly compared to many other larger engraving equipments out there. The drill will produce a bit of noise and very fine dust during the engraving process. However, it is not extremely loud or obtrusive by any means and is perfect for live on-site events.

Are there any surfaces that should be avoided?

Yes, there are some carbonated bottles (e.g. champagnes, sparkling wines) that should be avoided as engraving the surface of these bottles can compromise the structural integrity of the bottle and risk exploding. Be sure to inquire or double check with me before starting, to make sure the bottle is safe to engrave.

Is the end product permanent?

Yes! Engraving produces permanent carvings on the product. However, I would recommend skipping the metallic wax finishes for any glassware that will be heavily used and washed, as they may come off over time.