Free Printable Guidelines


I have created a few sets of FREE printable guidelines to help you with your calligraphy practice! 4mm and 5mm x-height guidelines are my personal go-to for daily practice, but I have also created 3mm and 6mm versions for those who are interested. I like to print out these guidelines directly on laser printer paper for easy practice. Another way is to use semi-transparent layout paper over these guidelines, which is also great for drafting calligraphy pieces.

In these sets you will find 4 different versions of guidelines for each x-height. I often find myself reaching for a variety of guidelines depending on the type of work I’m producing. If you’re a beginner and just starting out, I recommend downloading the 5mm with x-height guideline. But feel free to experiment with the others as well to see what you’re most comfortable with. I hope you find them useful in your studies.

Included are: 

  • Four sets of 3mm at 55 degrees

  • Four sets of 4mm at 55 degrees

  • Four sets of 5mm at 55 degrees

  • Four sets of 6mm at 55 degrees

You will receive a download link immediately after check-out.

Feel free to share photos of your practice using these guidelines and tag me at @_jwlettering. I would love to see your work and progress!


Note: These guidelines are FREE to download for personal use only, and may not be replicated or used for sale. Do not remove or modify any logo or copyright. For inquiries related to corporate use or to purchase a white-label version, please email